[lcba challenge arena] 32 years old, veteran Yu Guangyu challenges Zheng Xiaohuai, the "champio

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                  With the announcement of the first stop time of lcba Chinese style 9-Ball challenge arena in 2020 season, the mystery of the first challenge attacker in this station has been unveiled. Yu Guangyu, the evergreen tree in the arena, is one of the first challenge attackers in 2020 season!
                  April 24-26
                  The first leg of lcba Chinese style 9-Ball challenge arena in 2020
                  The war is about to start in Tianjin
                  Last season, Zheng Xiaohuai, coach of national team Shi Ming and world champion of Xinke, scored 310 points in the lcba challenge arena for the first time in history, and won the title of "champion of the three companies" again with "pirli Vientiane" club. In the face of Zheng Xiaohuai, the youngest challenge leader in such a strong history, the 70's old general Yu Guangyu took up the "war gun" as an attacker to challenge Zheng Xiaohuai, the "three company challenge leader"
                  (Zheng Xiaohuai, 19, the youngest champion in History)
                  Yu Guangyu, the first to attack the challenge: sophistication is the magic weapon to win
                  When it comes to Yu Guangyu, a veteran player in billiards, some people say that "this man is too good to take the first shot in Jilin for many years." He is a professional billiard player in the early stage of Post-70s China. He is also a man of the moment who dominates the Chinese Taiwan arena in the 1990s. He is one of the "75 three outstanding players" in the Chinese Taiwan arena. It is also said that it is difficult to be a professional billiard player, but it is even more difficult to make professional billiards a lifelong career.
                  Yu Guangyu has been a professional player since 1994. He has always strived on the road of professional billiards. For him born in 1975, it is undoubtedly a great challenge for him to face the "three company champion" Zheng Xiaohuai and another Inner Mongolia champion in the lcba arena.
                  Yu Guangyu, the first champion, said:
                  "I have seen Zheng Xiaohuai's game online and offline, and I have a certain understanding of his playing methods. I have also trained many times on our Laili · Black King Kong Table. Zheng Xiaohuai is too domineering at the kick-off, and his playing is very consistent. It's really terrible in this respect, but my players after 70 are not poor in strength. At last, I can only see it on the court......"
                  Major achievements
                  British snooker champion of the 13th Jilin Provincial Games in 1998
                  British snooker champion of the 14th Jilin Provincial Games in 2002
                  Champion of the Chinese billiards ranking competition in the voice of communications cup of Jilin Province in 2002
                  2003 North Locomotive British snooker competition individual group champion
                  2005 Changchun star "Laili Cup" national Chinese billiards Grand Prix champion
                  2006 red tower cup Jilin Province Chinese billiards Open champion
                  2006 Jilin Provincial Games Chinese billiards / fancy nine ball individual double champion
                  Champion of 2006 Dalian "bilyadu" national black eight open
                  2007 Shenyang Yongjia Cup National Chinese billiards Grand Prix runner up
                  2008 Harbin "Laili Cup" national fancy nine ball invitational tournament runner up
                  2008 Huhhot Changxing Cup National mixed billiards team champion
                  2008 Jilin Province Chinese billiards "Laili Cup" points ranking competition champion
                  2009 champion of Henry cup Chinese billiards open in Jilin Province
                  Champion of Changchun Grand Prix of Chinese billiards in 2009
                  2011 champion of China Billiards Tour in Liaoning and Jilin Province
                  The champion of Baicheng station of Liaoning and Jilin Chinese Billiards Tour in 2011
                  The champion of Baishan station of Liaoning and Jilin Chinese Billiards Tour in 2011
                  The second place in the first Chinese billiards International Masters in Changsha in 2012
                  Songyuan champion of 2012 national Chinese billiards open
                  2013 Baicheng "Golden Spider Cup" Chinese eight ball Open champion
                  Champion of Chinese billiards in 2014 Jilin Provincial Games
                  2014 borz challenge Tongliao station national trials champion
                  2014 Yanji station champion of Jilin Chinese billiards Championship
                  2015 Harbin Meite cup Chinese billiards championship champion
                  Champion of 2015 Chinese billiards open Changchun
                  Champion of 2015 Red Bull cup Billiards City championship and Changchun Jiahe game
                  2016 Tongliao Lanyun champion of Chinese billiards Grand Prix
                  Champion of 2016 Panshi Chinese billiards open
                  2016 Songyuan Chinese billiards Open champion
                  2017 Tongliao double Chinese eight ball Open champion
                  2017 champion of China Football Championship of Jilin Laili cup
                  2017 Zhenzhen cup Chinese billiards open Changchun station champion
                  China's team was selected in the final of the 6th Chinese billiards International Masters in 2017
                  2018 White City Chinese billiards Open champion
                  2018 Tongliao double Chinese billiards Grand Prix champion
                  2018 Taonan Chinese billiards Open champion
                  Champion of the Chinese billiards open of Songyuan in 2019
                  2019 lcba Jilin King Championship
                  4.24-4.26 18:00 every night
                  The first leg of 2020 lcba Chinese style 9-Ball challenge Arena
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